About Us

We are passionate about strategic thinking, fresh approaches,
and creating engaging content for any platform.


Content created without a smart strategy isn’t worth your time or money. The best content is watched, remembered AND achieves your goals. We will partner with you so your goals become ours. Decisions often occur at the speed of light. Strategic thinking can be short-changed. You can count on our experienced team to learn fast, bring our best to the table, and be sure a course is clearly defined before anyone starts the race.


We’ll have fun working hard together as we mix creativity, wisdom, imagination and a love of authentic storytelling to craft beautiful, memorable, flexible and effective content. We know how to make complex ideas simple, and refine messaging to get to what is most important. From stunning imagery to 3-D animation, user-guided interactive content for any platform to award-winning TV spots and feature-length documentary films, we can deliver what your audience wants to watch.


We are a lean and nimble core team that expands as needed by working with trusted partners locally and nationwide – but only when needed. This keeps your costs down and allows us to customize the best team for each project. We will bring the highest standards, fresh perspectives, sharp brains (after coffee and chocolate), and open hearts to each project. This – and an overall positive attitude – is why so many of our clients choose to work with us for years.

Our Team

Jan Selby

Jan Selby

Principal,Director, Producer
Mary McGreevy

Mary McGreevy

Producer, Director
Amira Cohen

Amira Cohen

Editor, Media Manager
Sofía Asenjo

Sofía Asenjo

Associate Producer
Marikay Klein

Marikay Klein

Content Strategy Consultant
André Monkey

André Monkey

Monkey Business Manager

Our Client & Agency Partners Over the Years

Abbott/St. Jude Medical
Association Montessori International/USA
Beacon Interfaith Housing
Boston Scientific
Bush Foundation
Concordia Plan Services
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Lee Branding
MBY Productions Inc.
Montessori Center of Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Health
MN Safe Routes to School Partnership

Peterson Probst
Platinum Bank
Ridgewater College
Scripps Health
Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating
Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Twin Cities Public Television
Twin Cities Orthopedics
UnitedHealth Group
University of MN Law School
University of St. Thomas
Varian Medical Systems
Westside Montessori School

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