How lucky we are that we have the opportunity to be energized with new interns each school semester and follow their journeys after they leave.  Our two current interns are lively, enthusiastic and so much fun. We’d like you to meet them:

interns summer 2016Alyssa (on left) is a recent graduate of Rosemount High School and headed to the University of Texas at Austin next year to major in film. She aspires to be a Producer/Director. Alyssa possesses the coveted “organizing gene” which is reflected daily in her conscientiousness, optimism and decision-making. She is a make-things-happen sort of gal!
Favorite documentary: Blackfish.
In her own words:  “There’s so much you can do with film, and so many ways you can inspire with it.”

Returning to the University of Missouri as a senior in the fall, Shannon (on right) is majoring in documentary journalism. She hopes to one day write and direct films that Steven Spielberg only dreams about. Her persistence, curiosity and willingness to take risks are evidence of her creative mind. Her positive outlook is fortuitously contagious!
Favorite documentaries: All This Panic and Imposter.
In her own words:  “Media has the power to not only bring people together, but also change the way they view the world.”