We are proud to announce that our documentary film, BEYOND THE DIVIDE, aired on Minnesota’s Twin Cities public television station (tpt), Channel 2, on November 9th in conjunction with the station’s Veterans Day programming. It will air again on 11/21 at 9:00 pm. Jan Selby produced and directed the film and collaborated with Bill Kersey, editor (Starfish Throwers, American Heart), and singer/songwriter Chris Koza (In Real Time, Rogue Valley) who composed and performed the original soundtrack. The tpt broadcast is the film’s television premiere.

BEYOND THE DIVIDE premiered at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and garnered numerous awards at film festivals including Best Feature Documentary (Peace on Earth Film Festival, Black Hills Film Festival) and Best of the Fest at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival.

From our media release:

“Tom Holter, Executive Director of Programming at Twin Cities Public Television, notes, ‘We have a long-standing commitment to acquire and present the works of Minnesota filmmakers as part of the TPT schedule, and I think our audience will be inspired by this hopeful story. The documentary captures people discovering the courage to build bridges without sacrificing their values. It’s particularly timely as we consider how to honor veterans for their service and care for them upon their return home.’

PBS Stories of Service recently sponsored a screening of the film at the KPBS GI Film Festival in San Diego. Ron Pierce, Senior Director of Veteran Initiatives, PBS originally saw the film at the GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. ‘BEYOND THE DIVIDE is an eloquent film that speaks to the divide between the veteran and civilian communities and how this divide can be healed with compassion and courage. I recommend it to veterans and those who have little connection to the veteran community as a way to encourage healing and understanding.’ ”

To learn more about BEYOND THE DIVIDE, and to view the trailer, visit http://beyondthedividefilm.com.


Courage is not confined to the battlefield… I salute, not only my fellow soldiers and veterans, but all of you who are willing to stand for principle. Who give your heart and soul and energy to a cause you believe in, especially for those who speak the language of peace.” – Dan Gallagher, Vietnam Veteran

“Regardless of our philosophical perspective, it’s the veterans and the families of those veterans that bear the burdens long after our arguments about it are done. Those people are still fighting in our name and bearing wounds in our name. Those wounds will last a lifetime for them.” – Betsy Mulligan Dague, Peace Advocate

“We all want to see a better world, and we all want to play our part in its creation. Our differences will never be as important as the things that we have in common.” – Betsy Mulligan Dague, Peace Advocate

“I’m still the same person who believes that service to country is an honorable thing. We’re not talking about four billion fluffy kittens, we’re talking about genuine peace.” – Dan Gallagher, Vietnam Veteran