We are grateful to have interns join us at Quiet Island Films each school semester. Interns bring great new ideas to our team and we enjoy hearing their adventures after they leave! This spring 2017 we are excited to have two students from the University of Minnesota. Welcome Shayna and KC!

Shayna is a communication studies major with a video/media production emphasis and a psychology minor. She plans to graduate this fall. Her dream is to produce her own short documentary films. When she’s not learning new tunes on her ukulele, she is passionate about learning skills related to editing, marketing and external relations.

Her favorite films and documentaries include: An Honest Liar, Happy, and the Wildest India series.

KC is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Studies in Cinema & Media Culture and Theatre Arts. Next semester she will be going to London to study and be an intern in the British film industry. Her expectations about QIF are “to learn about the process of creating a documentary” and she “hopes to leave this internship with a solid foundation in how to support a film production company from an office perspective”.

Her favorite film and documentary: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Making a Murderer.