Marikay Klein

Associate Producer

Marikay’s tal­ents are many, mak­ing it tough to describe exact­ly how she works her mag­ic. Let’s just say she trans­forms com­plex­i­ty of any kind, leav­ing order, clar­i­ty, and ele­gance in her wake. A tour of her Pin­ter­est-wor­thy clos­ets proves her com­plex­i­ty-con­quer­ing super­pow­er knows no bounds.

WHAT SURPRISES PEOPLE? I nev­er make the bed
WHAT CONFUSES PEOPLE? I don’t have a mid­dle name
MOST COMPLEX PROJECT? Design­ing and edit­ing a col­lec­tive mem­oir of my 9 sib­lings and I grow­ing up in Iowa

Our Team

Jan Sel­by
Prin­ci­pal, Pro­duc­er, Direc­tor

Mary McGreevy
Pro­duc­er, Direc­tor

Amira black white
Ami­ra Cohen
Edi­tor, Media Man­ag­er

Sofía Asen­jo
Asso­ciate Pro­duc­er

Mr. Bean

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