Mr. Bean


Don’t let the promi­nent under­bite fool you; Mr. Bean takes his career as spokesmod­el for Qui­et Island seri­ous­ly. Defy­ing stereo­types of what it means to be a man in today’s world, Bean adds a gen­tle touch to staff meet­ings and gath­er­ings. Avail­able for side gigs and lap-sit­ting at low cost of zero dol­lars.

NICKNAME: Niles Crane
KEEPS HIM UP AT NIGHT: Black Dog Syn­drome
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Asta from “The Thin Man”

Jan Sel­by
Prin­ci­pal, Pro­duc­er, Direc­tor

Mary McGreevy
Pro­duc­er, Direc­tor

Amira black white
Ami­ra Cohen
Edi­tor, Media Man­ag­er

Sofía Asen­jo
Asso­ciate Pro­duc­er

Marikay Klein
Asso­ciate Pro­duc­er

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